The Irishtown Greenway Project

The Irishtown Greenway is the final product of the capstone course, undertaken by Cleveland State University students completing their Masters Degree in Urban Planning, Design, and Development, (MUPDD) from the Levin College of Urban Affairs.  The course represents over four months of collaborative work between the class and other outside organizations, and is intended to allow the students to apply lessons learned from early coursework to a real world project.  The Class was organized and directed by professors, Dr. Wendy Kellogg and James Kastelic, and included 14 students eager to develop recommendations for the Lake Link Trail and the Flats West Bank.  As part of a larger trail network that includes the recognizable Towpath Trail and traverses terrain that includes the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, it also has an ability to attract attention from trail enthusiasts, to first time users.  In association with our client, The Trust For Public Land, our reccomendations aim to highlight our vision for the Lake Link Trail, and one of our largest local assets: our waterways.  

About the site:

The 86 acre west bank of the flats in Cleveland, Ohio has had history with the city since its founding in 1796.  With its proximity to the lake, potential connections to major transportations routes, and the preeminent Lake Link Trail, it is an under utilized area in need of major overhaul, but has potential in our opinion to become an exciting  neighborhood in Cleveland.