About Our Team

The Irishtown Greenway project was developed by 14 outstanding Cleveland State University - Urban Planning, Development, and Design graduate students, during their capstone studio course in the Maxine Goodman-Levin College of Urban Affairs.  As a trademark, they are calling themselves The K2collaborative, reflecting the last initial of both of their faculty instructors.

Project Structure:
The Project was broken down into three phases, over a four month period.  Each phase had different student groups, and each phase accomplished a different purpose.  The first phase focused on background research, which included existing conditions, literature review, survey/interview, and history.  The second phase focused on our recommendations for the project.  We divided students in to three groups: Greenway planning, development planning, and marketing.  The third and final phase dealt with the actual design and creation of our final materials, such as the document, presentation, website, PowerPoint, and event planning.
Background Research

Academic Literature Review

Existing Land Regulatory Conditions

Existing Physical & Natural Conditions: 

Existing Social, Historical, and Economic Conditions: